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About me


I’m Jo Steel

After spending 20 years in education and 5 years working in publishing, I spent 2021 and 2022 doing a Masters at the Galene Institute in Madrid to prepare me to become a Humanist Integrative Counsellor, a type of therapist who accompanies people that need help to manage difficult situations in their lives. I offer counselling in English and in Spanish. Originally British, I’m now a Spanish citizen.

I love the outdoors and nature so I like to combine them with the type of therapy I provide. I currently offer online sessions, plus outdoor sessions in green spaces in Madrid, where I also love walking and cycling in my free time.

The centre is called Centro Halcón (The Falcon Centre) because of what the falcon represents in different cultures. It’s known for being a brave bird which represents self-awareness, truth, perspective, willpower, mental acuity, curiosity, exploration and healing. It’s also known for its intuition, its inner wisdom, and its healthy mind, because it can see things in a different light and it knows when it’s time to act. It’s powerful in problematic situations and in the face of any challenge. It’s an animal which uses its qualities and its potential to find its own resources in order to achieve its goals. All of these are traits that we aspire to discover and awaken during the process so that we can find our way on our therapy journey.