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Walk ‘n’ Talk Group

We are a group of people who love being outdoors and in nature, and also looking after our mental health. So, we combine walking together, talking together, and caring for each other with some human warmth, all without judgement. And without even leaving the city!

The body-mind connection is vital to our wellbeing. Some people feel less restricted in open spaces, especially in nature, others feel that being in nature helps them to connect more easily with their emotions and feelings, some enjoy the freedom of movement it gives, allowing them to connect with another person by walking side by side, and yet others discover that they can connect better with their own spirituality. 

Contact us to find out more about our walks outdoors in the Casa de Campo, where we accompany each other in nature without judgement, caring for each other with some exercise and plenty of humour.

Aquí tienes el enlace al grupo de WhatsApp.