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Why having your own autonomy is so important for your wellbeing

People come to therapy with an issue they need to resolve

The therapist accompanies the person on this journey. Often the person does not realise that part of the problem is that they are not in control of their own autonomy and self-esteem. In order to have good mental health, we need to own our actions, our emotions and our feelings. In this way, we can learn the tools to be able to handle all the challenges that life throws at us in a mature way.

How we do this in sessions

We go at the client’s pace, guiding them to help them realise, little by little, what it really is they they want and need. We don’t always end up dealing with the original issue, or the client’s needs change depending on how the process develops. What’s really positive is that they learn tools to carry on with their life in a safe, healthy and calm way, with their newly restored autonomy and self-esteem in tact.